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March 31, 2023

554: Humanizing your marketing and branding for more connections and sales w/ Kristen Dickey

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Kristen Dickey is a marketing and advertising sales professional turned corporate refugee turned solopreneur. She spent 15 years working for major media corporations, including: NBCUniversal, WarnerMedia, Viacom, Weather Channel, Shazam, Vevo, and The Trade Desk. Now she's leveraging that wealth of experience to help her clients improve their marketing strategy, website experience, and branding - but under her own MEDIA HUMANITY masthead.

MEDIA HUMANITY helps SMBs with marketing strategy, web design, and brand identity. ​Beyond a business's "what", Kristen helps businesses effectively communicate their "how", "why", and "who" in a way that resonates on an emotional level, converts with real results, and conveys both their industry authority and personal passion for their product.

Visit Kristen's business website at