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Oct. 21, 2022

502: A BETTER agency model w/ Yeliza Centeio

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Yeliza Centeio, a Hispanic woman, wife, and mother of two, is the founder and owner of Integral Marketing & Advertising. During her 15+ years on the advertising agency side, she witnessed first hand the impact that brand's distrust in agencies had on agency growth. As part of the in-housing movement, a local Boston brand recruited Yeliza where she experienced the difficulties of attempting to bring agency expertise and resources in-house. It was then that she realized that agencies still had a place in a brand's marketing plan, but the agency model had to change to accommodate the way that brands wanted to engage with agencies. That was the base of her inspiration to launch Integral - a flexible, collaborative agency that provides clients with the support and expertise that they need when they need it.

Integral Marketing & Advertising is an advertising agency located in Boston's South Shore that provides brands and start-ups with support in any aspect of their advertising and marketing needs. Integral is a project based agency vs an AOR agency, meaning that their role is to complement and/or complete a brand's existing marketing plan whether that's a media strategy or media execution or a website or maybe just SEO. Whatever their client's need, they have a team of experienced contractors ready to help them get to the finish line.