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Nov. 18, 2022

507: Be UNDERSTOOD with your branding w/ Maggie Bergin

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Maggie is a Brand Strategist and Owner of Be Understood Branding. Maggie believes brand clarity is a kindness (everyone is exhausted!) AND a branding best practice. Maggie helps her clients carve away vagueness by building a crystal clear, distinct, irresistible brand. Be Understood Branding helps service-based businesses who are great at what they do but not-so-great at *talking* about what they do build a distinct, irresistible Brand Strategy so their work can BE UNDERSTOOD by their ideal clients.

Maggie has a BA in Government from Smith College and has worked in the Communication industry since 2000. She lives with her husband and a four legged insistent clown named Django in Chicago.

Visit Maggie's website at and follow her on Instagram at @beunderstoodbranding