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Nov. 25, 2022

509: Google Ads the RIGHT way w/ Justin Golden (aka That PPC Guy)

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Justin Golden is the founder of That PPC Guy, a Google Partner managing over $300K per month in ad spend for clients across the US. They utilize Search, Shopping, Display, and YouTube advertising for their clients.

Before starting his own business, Justin managed $2MM in annual ad spend as a Digital Marketing Director at the corporate level and also worked as a paid media specialist at a marketing agency, both in Houston, TX. He took lessons from both experiences, combined them with his ideas and energy, and built That PPC Guy. Justin's business is a "lifestyle business," designed to accommodate and fund his passions and interests.

Visit Justin's website at

Justin lives on 4 acres in beautiful Stilwell, KS with his wife and three kids. Justin and his family love to travel and as a family they've visited 35 states and 16 National Parks in their RV. When Justin's isn't traveling or working he's playing with his motorcycle or classic Mustang in the garage.