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Jan. 13, 2023

519: Putting HUMANITY into business and marketing w/ Erica McBeth

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In 2018, Erica McBeth set out on a mission to talk to one stranger a week for a full year. Her journey through that life-changing project is chronicled in her book, “52 New Friends”. Then, after spending nearly thirty years in advertising and marketing, Erica started McBeth Marketing in 2021 with the unusual mission to help people connect together in positive ways.

McBeth Marketing helps small businesses bridge the strategy and execution gap.

Erica sits on the Arizona Chapter Board of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and educates people on the benefits of how human connection can transform their companies…and their lives. She is a speaker, a writer, a storyteller, an advocate for human connection and the self-proclaimed slayer of loneliness.

Oh…and she also happens to know a lot about advertising and marketing, too.

Visit Erica's website at