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March 10, 2023

543: Better understanding YOU so you can succeed and flourish w/ Joey Schewee

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Joey Schewee provides management consulting for businesses through knowledge and application of the Enneagram - a personality typing system that is uniquely based on motivation (rather than behavior). Enneagram understanding drastically improves communication in any business environment which, in turn, directly impacts employee satisfaction and overall success.

As an Enneagram ‘8’ who has utilized this impactful tool for more than 25 years, Joey’s application of understanding the unique motivations that inform human behavior flows through dating and marriage, raising children, and managing employees and work relationships through careers that span the educational and corporate realms. Traveling nationally for the last 13 years, Joey has found a genuine passion for teaching the Enneagram at all levels, whether it be through public events hosted by non-profit organizations or as a practical and continuous application in business. Joey is a full-time consultant, sharing the Enneagram with professional environments in a myriad of private sectors including, but not limited to: finance, healthcare, higher education, hospitality, industrial, legal, and non-profit.

Visit Joey's company, Working Enneagram Solutions, at