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March 22, 2023

549: Building a STABLE income and profit as an entrepreneur w/ Alex Engar

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Alex Engar is one of the co-founders of CEO Finance Academy, which provides financial coaching for small business owners wanting to improve their profitability. Alex grew up in the mountainous terrains of Utah where he developed a knack for entrepreneurship at an early age. After graduating from the University of Utah with his Doctorate of Physical Therapy, he quickly realized he wanted something beyond the 9-5 clinical life. This led to co-founding Healthy Funnel (with business partner Will Boyd), a marketing agency and consultancy. It was running an agency where he got to see inside of hundreds of small businesses and found a gap in most owners' understanding of their business finances. After consulting with a few dozen of these businesses and referrals coming in fast, Healthy Funnel gave way to CEO Finance Academy. Alex is a dad to 3 beautiful girls and a husband to his wife, Sarah.

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