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March 24, 2023

550: More CAPACITY for growth in your business w/ Stacy Sufka

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Stacy Sufka has over twenty-five years of experience in behavioral healthcare serving in various clinical and administrative roles. Throughout her career, Stacy has worked with diverse teams to affect change and advance the mission through people. These experiences have shaped her love for capacity-building and systems work. Before launching her firm, she served as the Chief Strategy and People Officer at a large nonprofit organization in Northeast, Ohio. In this role, she oversaw strategic planning and execution, human resources, continuous quality and performance improvement, business intelligence, organizational learning, and development.

Stacy launched Gladegy Consulting to help individuals, teams, and organizations meet their mission's promise. Committed to building capacity, she has worked with various healthcare, community development, and government organizations to help them achieve results.

She holds a Specialization in Strategy from Harvard University Online and Master's degrees in Public Affairs and Administration, Counseling, and Business Analytics. She is an experienced strategist and tactician with professional credentials in various disciplines, making her a diverse and well-rounded leader.

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