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April 7, 2023

558: Working ON or IN your business w/ April Eldridge

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April Eldridge offers Fractional COO & Chief of Staff services to small business owners, business leaders, and entrepreneurs. Her services can be custom-tailored to specific needs and she pride herself on providing 1:1 support for clients. April leverages all of her experience after working in corporate America for nearly 20 years, having seen and done everything in the corporate world.

During that journey, April found climbing the formidable ladder to be challenging and unstable, especially after being subjected to five layoffs over the past seven years. That was the push she needed to start offering her specific expertise to the masses on her own, realizing that SMBs and entrepreneurs need support but may only be able to afford to hire a part-time team, meaning they could contract with someone with experience on a fractional basis.

Visit April's business website at