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April 10, 2023

560: YOUR nudge that ANYONE can be an entrepreneur w/ Marcin Pogroszewski

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Marcin Pogroszewski is originally from Poland. He got a gentle nudge to start a business in his 20s, and it changed his life. Together with two friends he built an 8-figure digital performance agency and sold it to dentsu international, a $10B British-Japanes media conglomerate.

After a successful exit, Marcin decided to move to Silicon Valley, where he got an MBA degree from Stanford, and invested $1M of his own money in the startups his classmates where building. These investments are now worth around $5M, returning on average about 50% every year.

Today Marcin lives in Austin with his wife, Jennifer, where he works on his life's mission: to nudge the next generation of founders into starting their first company.

Marcin is building The Gentle Nudge, a newsletter and a community for anyone who wants to start their first company. Unlike other business creators, instead of just talking about entrepreneurship, Marcin gave himself a challenge to build a new company from idea to $1M before 2023 ends, and share everything he is doing with the community. To follow his progress, you can sign up - for free - at