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April 14, 2023

562: How your CUSTOMERS can accelerate your growth w/ Kiesha King-Brown

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Kiesha King-Brown is a 20+ award winning Sr. Retail leader in Fortune 200 companies turned tech exec and customer strategist. Kiesha helped leaders turn around multi-million dollar markets with innovative customer strategies, and was the market leader asked to help create the loyalty program for Gap Inc., Old Navy.

Kiesha transitioned to coaching small business owners, startup CEOs and executives connect the dots between leadership, customer strategy and financial performance before entering the tech world.

Now, Kiesha runs her business, Loyalty Centric, where she helps e-commerce companies, retail businesses, and B2B business owners double their conversions and keep customers for life using her blend of customer-centric strategies and loyalty technologies.

Kiesha is also the proud Taekwondo boymom of an 8 yr old 1st degree blackbelt who she spends her time with when she isn't working.