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April 26, 2023

570: Grants and accounting to help businesses launch SUCCESSFULLY w/ Ian Hessel

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Ian Hessel is a serial entrepreneur that earned his stripes with the world's largest accounting firms and has worked and lived in many countries around the world helping companies of all sizes thrive. His current passion is helping other entrepreneurs excel. As a result, he charted his path to entrepreneurship and ultimately established Heroic Solutions and Heroic Launch, which serves as the go-to resource for entrepreneurs looking to launch their businesses through grants and assistance in helping business owners make the RIGHT strategic decisions with a solid financial framework.


- Heroic Solutions Inc.: Ian's company that helps entrepreneurs with accounting, tax preparation, and business growth. Website:

- Heroic Launch: A program within Heroic Solutions that provides grants and accounting services for entrepreneurs. Website:

- QuickBooks: An accounting software that can be used to manage business finances. Website:

- Employee Retention Tax Credit: A tax credit for companies that keep employees on payroll during COVID-19. Website:

- Ian Hessel's LinkedIn profile: